Books stack Section

This is one of the pillars for the progress of the university. It has well equipped, computerized and air conditioned library with comprehensive database of about 88000 books and journals on engineering science and technology, which includes exclusive current reference publications. A copy each of the prescribed textbooks and other recommended books are kept in the stack room and this facility is available with seating capacity of 800 members. Stack area is rich with the Engineering Science and Technology collection such as text books. Help books are shelved on the ground floor. The library is proud of having large stack areas for subject wise collection of books. Side by side, the facility for reading is also made available in this stack room. .

Total Books: 88000

General Books section : 38553
General Book Bank section 22567
Number of Books in SC/ST Book Bank Section14879
Number of Books in Reference Section 7756
Number of General/Law books 188

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New Arrival:

New books and periodicals are display on the ‘Display stands’ and display rack that fixed in front of main gate, for the latest information.

Bibliographic Section:

It is an organized list of primary and the other sources relating to a given subject or person. It is usually arranged alphabetically by author or chronologically or topic wise. Its basic aim is to assist the user in locating specific information of his interest and very often an annotation is provided to help users decide whether the given document would be useful or not.

Union Catalogue of Books

The Union Catalogue of Book Database covered the bibliographic records of 88000 books of RGPV Central Library database available in the library. The book database contains 83 lakhs unique records of books available in 173 universities/institutes in various disciplines. The book database contains textbooks, reference books, conference, proceedings, monographs, etc. The book database can be searched by different parameters i.e. title, author, ISBN, subject, publisher, Place, etc.

CD/DVD Roms Library

RGPV Central Library has 2000 CD Roms in different enginering science and technology subject. This section is equiped with CD storage cabinet , SAN Stroge system 15 computers and high speed server with Internet and network It has acquired about 2000 CD's/DVD's and two pentium based machine. The library have various access points to the World Wide Web.

Audio-Video Multimedia Library

Audio visual Multimedia Center An audio-video Aids Educational Media has been set up in the library for which infrastructure like TV with accessories, Bracket torn 10ft. Diagonal with remote control cable on various educational subjects are played for the comprehension of the subject like science, geography etc. For school students, it has a collection of more than 2000 DVDs of all disciplines. In addition in department wise. One computer is available exclusive for the use of non print materials. One large screen monitor is available for the instructions and orientation classes.

Digital Library :

Digital Library is a well-digital equipped with SAN Server and High speed 180 computers, the members can access the Digital Library of several library Digitalised document such as electronics Journals, e-Books, e-Database Digitalised books, Digitalised Pamphlets, Digitalised reports etc through the INTERNET (Wi-Fi System with in the campus). Members can also access the databases, abstract and articles available, download or print the data as per need and request. In this section various type of books and document Digital scanners are available library staff scan the books and documents and upload the copy of books, reports, pamphlets etc and uploads in the digital library web page. In Information technology era Library also require advancement in the field of Knowledge management have Internet Lab, Electronic library and Digital library is established in the new library building, with 180 Pc’s.


This is a well- computerized section heaving 80 computers with new configuration; the members can access the several electronics and Journals, through the INTERNET (Wi-Fi System within the campus). Members are also access the databases, abstract and articles available, download or print the data as per need and request. RGPV Electronic Library offers access to online e-journals, e-books, e-database, e-lecture videos and open sources software with useful links. User can seamlessly access the contents abstracts or full text in a flexible and easy manner to use for their study. E-library provides collaborative search of all type of e-resources/on-line resources such as e-journals, e-books, e-database purchase or subscribed by the Central Library or open access available with collaboration, personalization and social features to experience, higher research productivity and gain valuable insights.  UGC, INFONET/INFLIBNET, INDEST-AICTE Online Journals funded by MHRD are available and URL’S can access and download the full text of e-resources for research work.

S.No Publisher Website /URL
E-resources for Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya

URL:- https://
1 American Chemical Society (38 current full text e-journals of Chemistry, Pharmacy and Biotechnology.
2 Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID) Database (125 Indexes of Indian Social Science journals and major Newspapers articles and news features)
3 J-Gate Custom Content for Consortium (JCCC) 7900+ Journals Engineering & Computer Sc. Database
4 Springer Link and Nature Journals(1400 journals archrivals access is provided from 1997 onwards) All Engineering & Pharmacy , Biotechnology
5 Taylor and Francis(1000 journals and archrivals access to 1998 onwards issues) All Engineering & Computer Sc.
E-resources for University Institute of Technology (UIT) URL:-
1 IEEE/IET Electronic Library(IEL) Online Unlimited Full text access to more than four million documents delivered in PDF and HTML formats highly-cited peer reviewed research that fuels more new patents than any transactions 30+ IET journals and magazines plus 25IET conference titles proceedings from over 1700 IEEE and IET annual Conference more than3800 approved and published IEEE standards in key technology fields with the option to add draft standards. IEEE redline versions of standards complimentary access to more than 9500 papers from 20+ VDE conference titles access to articles accepted for future publication back file to the late 1800s for select titles The content in IEEE Explore comprises: 195+ journals 1,800+ conference proceedings 6,200+ technical standards Approximately 2,400 eBooks 425+ educational courses All Engineering and Computer Sc. https:/
1 Sodh Ganga (UGC) Full text of Ph.D. Thesis of Indian Universities, IIT & NIT All Subjects https://shodhganga
2 Sodh Gangotry Full text synopsis of Ph.D. Thesis of Indian Universities, IIT & NIT All Subjects
Union catalogue (IndCat) Indian catalogue (UGC-INFLIBNET) is a database of Library books of Indian Universities. The RGPV Central Library also heaving the more then 80000 database of books records are available on the IndCat website. All Subjects
1 User can access the Central Library RGPV database
Developing Library Network(DELNET) Click on DELNET Online
1 DELNET provide facilities like Union Catalogue of Books, Union List of Current Periodicals, Union catalogue of periodicals, CD-ROM database, Database of Indian specialists, Database of periodicals articles, Union list of video recordings, Urdu manuscripts database, database of Thesis and Dissertations, sample database of language publications using GIST technology and several other database. All Subjects Login :- mprgpv Password:- rgp2292
2 National Digital Library of India (NDLI) provides free access to many e-books, e-journals, audio-video lectures, presentation etc. of national and international digital libraries in one single web portal. All Subjects
3 World e-Book Library (WeL): The World e-Book Library including 3 million (30,00,000) primary sources spanning past 1,000 years of world history in more than 320 different languages. In addition, contemporary journal collections of WeL include scholarly journals and academic articles from every academic field.
4 South Asia Archive (SAA): South Asia Archive contains more than 4.5 million pages spanning the period of 18th and mid-20th century from documents across the Indian subcontinent, including India, Pakistan, Burma, Afghanistan and Bangladesh
S.No Name Website/URL No. of Titles
1 IGI Global 1962
2 Morgan & Claypool 575
3 McGraw Hill 410
4 Cambridge University Press(CBO) 133
5 Springer http:// 2335
6 Wiley 423
7 Elsevier S&T 387
8 World Scientific (WSPC) 77

Swami Vivekanand Meditation and Self Study Centre

Virtual Class Room (NPTEL Videos)

Lectures and Videos (NPTEL Videos): The Central Library respective members can access Multimedia Videos lectures/ NPTEL videos of all subjects in Multimedia video lectures Section

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