Library Automation

The section houses the main server(Middleware and KOHA server), 02 Mirror Server, SAN server, CD server, Multimedia system, scanners and printers. It manages the working of the entire Computer System of the Library.
In view of the vital role of automated system in the Libraries of modern age, it was genuinely felt that a suitable system be acquired for automation purpose. The library has started working on CDS/ISIS system specifically prepared by UNESCO. It is a matter of great satisfaction that the system has shown commendable results and the library users have widely appreciated it. The retrieval functions of the system have been particularly useful in getting the desired material within the shortest possible time. 

RFID Automation and security system

The Central Library using the RFID Automation and security system in the year 2015. The estimated cost of RFID project was arround Rs.1.5 Crore, but Central Library completed this project less than 68 Lacs, The RFID Project includes 03 units of Self Check in/Checkout unit, One unit is installed in Stack Section, One for SC-ST Book Bank Section. Library also procured 04 RFID Staff Station, 03 RFID Staff Station using for Books Circulation of each circulation department and 01 staff station using for Books tagging and Card registration. Library has also procured one Book Drop Unit which is situated on library Gate for automatic books return. Library has procured 01 RFID Gate with antenna for library security including one set of additional gate with free of cost. It is plan Central library will be open for 24×7×365 by the help of RFID System. Presently library opens from morning 8.00 AM to evening 8.00 PM. Library already using RFID system for book circulation via self check-in/checkout unit and staff station also. Library also provides the book return facilities for 24 hours by the book drop unit which is installed at the library gate. Library also using RFID hand held reader for book searching and stock verification. Presently library verify the stock every month by the help of RFID hand held reader.

Vision of Library

The Central library of the University will be the hub and academic town square of the university by being an essential component of the academic and creative life of the institution. Central Library aspires to excel in collecting, preserving, and providing access to the best scholarly and educational resources; providing high quality, innovative services; and creating a welcoming and comfortable physical environment.  Library fosters an atmosphere that encourages diversity, excellence, and continued growth in finding ways to surpass its own high standards.

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